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The main part of our transports is carried out with reloading at our own warehouse in Lübeck. For this purpose we have 1000 square meters of covered storage space at our disposal. In the event that this area is not sufficient, additional outdoor storage spaces are available. In order to ensure the safe storage and handling of your goods, our warehouse is both alarm-secured and camera-monitored. In addition to the storage areas, the loading and unloading activities are also recorded on video.

Goods can be transshipped from the back via one of our four ramps or from the side. With our own fleet of forklifts with a lifting force of 1.6 to 11 tons, the weight of one individual package hardly plays a role. But if a shipment has dimensions outside the norm, we will be happy to organize for you a handling by crane.

No slot bookings are required! Your goods will be loaded and unloaded quickly and without damage. In most cases, your truck can go directly to one of our ramps without waiting time. By arrangement, we also offer night and weekend unloading.

Due to our more than 40 years of experience in goods handling, we are a well-known and popular contact point by customers and colleagues for slipped or incorrectly stowed loads. From collapsed pallets to big bags hanging in the side, we provide the greatest possible assistance to restore the transport safety of your vehicle. We can also help with weight corrections. That way we make it possible for you to successfully deliver to your customer or to ensure that your vehicle can continue its journey safely!