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All our business is transacted exclusively on the basis of the German Freight Forwarders‘ Standard Terms and Conditions (ADSp), latest version. CMR applies to international transport

We hereby inform you that the ADSp 2017 include deviations from the legal regulations on liability in clauses 22 till 27. Pursuant to clause 23 ADSp 2017, liability for damage/loss to goods according to § 431 HGB (German Commercial Code) is limited to 8,33 SDR/kg whilst in the custody of the freight forwarder and in case of multimodal carriage incl. sea transport to 2 SDR/kg, as well as 1,25 million Euro or 2 SDR/kg per Damage Case, whichever amount is higher. According to clause 24 ADSp 2017, in case of ordered warehousing the liability of the Freight Forwarder is limited to 8,33 SDP/kg and a maximum of 35,000 Euro per Damage Case. In case of a difference between calculated stock and actual stock of the inventory, the liability is limited to 70,000 Euro. In case of ordered warehousing, excluding personal injury or damages to goods of third parties, liability is always limited to 2,5 million Euro per Damage Event, in case of more than one claimant, the Freight Forwarder’s liability shall be proportionate to individual claims.